by treating your PCOS 'type'


But feeling confused and overwhelmed by the information?

Do you feel like you're doing everything right? You’re eating well and exercising Have tried every diet out there But the scales keep climbing, and your period is nowhere to be seen (and not for the right reasons)?  

Are you also feeling completely overwhelmed by all the information on PCOS? You’ve read about all the different types of PCOS and the diet recommendations, But you can't quite put it all toether and you’re sick of guessing Your tests have all returned ‘normal’ and now you don’t know where you fit Do you just want someone to give you a solution?  


Your 90 day program to help you indentify your PCOS 'type' and give you the tools you need, including meal plans, recipes, exercise programs, supplement regiemes to actually help you reverse your PCOS.

But not only this- I also give you weekly education modules so that you understand exactly what's going on in your body, and WHY you are makng these changes. Because when you understand why, you can handle any situation with ease and make sustainable changes.  

What is The PCOS Protocol?

The PCOS Protocol treats the root cause of your PCOS, so that you can put it into remission. Watch the video to find out more. 


How does The PCOS Protocol work?

Treat the Root 'Cause'

Find out what PCOS 'type' you are and match the changes to your type

Optimise Nutrition 

Optimise your diet for your PCOS 'type'

Progress Exercise

Optimise and progress your exercise based on your PCOS 'type'

Manage yor mind

Manage your stress hormones and your cravings

Specific supplementation

Supplementation that's optimal for your PCOS 'type'

Heal your gut

Heal your gut for each PCOS 'type', especially if you have IBS.

Why is The PCOS Protocol different? 

I know what you're thinking: "How is this different to all the other diets I've tried? Is it really going to work?"

Well firstly, this isn't a diet. This is a holistic program to treat the underlying mechanisms that are causing your hormones to be out of balance. While nutrition is important, there are so many other factors that also need to be optimised. That's why the five pillars of this protocol, are Optimise Diet, Progress Exercise, Manage your Mind, Specific Supplementation and Heal your Gut- all based on your PCOS 'type'.

Secondly, those other diets you've tried haven't treated you as an individual. There isn't one PCOS therefore there isn't one diet that suits all of us. What works for me, likely doesn't work for you. That's why I've developed the PCOS protocol so that you firstly understand your 'Type' and can then match that up with the right diet, as well as the other components mentioned abve. 

 The PCOS Protocol Overview

You’ll start by taking the self-assessment quiz to determine your PCOS 'type'. This isn’t a one-size fits all approach. So that’s why I’ve put together custom plans with meal plans, recipes, and lifestyle strategies— for all PCOS 'types'.

Phase 1: Identify your PCOS 'Type' and IMPLEMENT 

  • My questionnaire to identify your 'type'
  • Optional advanced testing for your 'type' and at the real reference ranges should be
  • Make the two biggest diet changes for your health
  • Mind techniqnues to overcome cravings
  • Optimum exercise for your type


  • Identify the foods that might be causing inflammation in your body
  • Get the right supplement regime for your body and find the best times and doses to take
  • Progress your training
  • Master your mind

Phase 3: MASTER

  • Find out exactly how many carbohydrates your body needs to function optimally
  • Look deeper into other potential factors: thyroid, autoimmune, inflammation
  • Heal your gut 
  • Manage your toxic load

Success Story- Clare 

" The protocol is the best thing I've ever done. In 6 months I've lost 53 pounds and 20 inches•. My anxiety has resolved, I don't get so tired anymore and my periods are now regular. I know it sounds cheesy but I'm a whole new me. But even more importantly I now have the strength to get through this and the knowledge to manage my own condition. That's invaluable! The words life changing are cliche, but in this case 100% true. " 

- Clare A 

Watch Clare's story to find out how she achieved this

The PCOS Protocol 

75% off for the first cohort. The regular price for this will be $399

  • Weekly Video Training Modules  
  • Custom Diet Meal Plans and Supplement Plans for your PCOS 'Type'
  • Exercise tutorials, both gym based and home
  • Weekly workout schedules
  • The PCOS Protocol Cookbook  
  • Bonus Expert Interviews  
  • Weekly emails guiding you through the program
  • Lifetime access to all materials- and any updates
  • Private Online Support Group- only for members who're going through "The PCOS Protocol" with you. You can openly discuss your progress and get support from other women going through the same thing.
  • Weekly Q&A video calls where questions from the week will be answered

Starting January 6, 2018

COST: $399

"I'd gone off the pill to try to conveieve but nothing was happening. Having been diagnosed with PCOS neither my GP nor my gynaecologist could offer me any solutions and told me that IVF was my only option

It was my lowest point ever. My periods were 60 days or longer and I didn't know what to do next. 

I started working with Clare and learnt that my blood glucose wasn't 'normal' even though I wasn't overweight. Within a month of starting on her protocol my periods were down to 34 days and then within a few months I was pregnant! 

- Stephanie  

Workout Video Tutorials

Whether you choose home or gym based workouts (or both!), I've got you covered with video tutorials so you know exactly what you're doing.

 No more floundering around at the gym, hoping you're using the machines correctly.

Success Story- Brenda

“Having done the program now with Clare, biggest thing is that I now have energy!.... The weightloss obvously (40 pounds), I won't lie, I'm happy out that. But somehow it's been superseeded by all the other things: the reduction in hair growth, having more energy, having my sex drive come back.  

I feel like I’ve gotten my life back after so many years.”  

- Brenda A

But I haven't just developed this overnight

The PCOS Protocol is the exact protocol that I have developed over a long period of time when working 1:1 with my patients, and also the same protocol I used to uncover my PCOS 'Type' and then reverse my PCOS. The success stories you see here are the result of developing this protocol to take my patients through 1:1. 

The success they've had has been amazing, but it also meant that I became so busy I could no longer take on any more patients. At the same time, many women were asking me for an easy to follow program- like a "Whole 30 for PCOS". So I decided to take this protocol that I developed and put it into an affordable program that any woman with PCOS could follow. 

The great thing for you is that you don't have to take 6 years of trial and error, and spend tens of thousands of dollars in university education to figure it out, like I did.

You can get on the fast track and get the information you need, that's been distilled down into a practical and easy to follow 90 day program


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I know this protocol works. And I want you to get real results. Not just in how your body changes- but also in how much more you understand your body and what's going on. And I know that The PCOS Protocol can achieve this.

That's why I have absolutely no hesitation in offering a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don't think that The PCOS Protocol has helped you, then just email us wthin 60 days and we'll refund your purchase. No questions, no quibble. 

So there really is no excuse not to give it a try. You won't lose anything. 

Success Story- Liel 

“Within a month of starting the program I realised that I’m not tired anymore. I have energy to play with my son and take care of him without feeling very tired. This is massive for me. My whole life I’ve had low energy.

My skin cleared up. People comment that I’ve been loosing weight. I keep getting compliments. It feels really really amazing”


"Who is Clare and why should you listen to her?"

 I have a double degree with honours in Nutrition and Exercise Prescription, and I then later trained in Functional Medicine with the Kresser Institute and spent years reading all the literature on PCOS. I now specilise in helping women, like you, reverse their PCOS

But the most important part is that I've been you! I have PCOS and I know what it's like to feel like your body totally out of your control. I know what it's like to be told: "It's simple, just eat less and exercise more", and I know what it's like to search for years for answers.  

I'm proud to say that I've reversed my own PCOS symptoms. My teststerone levels are now normal, my periods that were once absent for 2 years, are now on time, everytime. During this process I also lost 40 pounds, reversed my insulin resistance and healed my acne. 

But I'm even prouder to say that I've managed to help many women through this protocol that I've created.

Unlike doctors, I don't focus on treating symptoms with band-aid medications like the birth conrol pill. I look for the underlying reasons WHY your hormones are out of balance.

I'm on a mission to educate and empower mllions of women globaly and help them reverse their PCOS symptoms too.

And that journey starts by helping people women find out what their underlying issues are and then matching that with the right diet, exercise and lifestlyle for them. Exactly what I have created for you in The PCOS Protocol.

"Will this really work when I feel like I've already tried everything?"

If you're feeling like this, you're not alone. I felt this and think every woman I've worked with has too. When I asked Clare A what her fears where before she started the protocol, her response was: 

"My fear was that it wouldn't work, that I'd fail becaue I'd failed so many times before and I'd give up.....But this protocol is different because you see the results almost immediately". 

Have a listen to her full response.

"Will The PCOS Protocol be tailored to my personal symptoms?" 

Yes! This is the whole point of the protocol, is that there isn't ONE PCOS therefore there can never be ONE plan that suits everyone.

As Steph says: “Clare’s program is so relevant because it’s individually tailored to your situation. The whole objective is to find the root cause of your particular case and why you’re not ovulating. And that’s what PCOS is…you need to understand why you are not ovulating”

"Can I really afford to do this? Is it worth the money?" 

"Is this worth the money? Yes! Is this a good ROI? Yes!"

"Why don't you sit down and work out what you're currently spending on clothes that you don't like but you have to wear because they are the only thing that fits? Or on things that make you feel better, but isn't actually treating the real thing that's there? How much are you spendig on those? How does that compare to the price of the proocol?" Clare A.

"We were looking at spending thousands of pounds on IVF!"so compared to that, a couple of hundred pounds on a personalised program is extremely good value for money if I’m honest!" Steph O

"Errrr what if I'm still not sure!?"

As Brenda says: "Stop overthinking it... you're not where you wat to be right now and this is about doing something for once."

"PCOS can make you feel constrained and like you have to accept that you're going to have trouble concieving and you're goingto be fat. But that's not ture and this gives you the chance to prove tht to yourself that everything is within you to manage this condition."

Other FAQs

“How fast will I see results?”

While I would love to tell you, that you will lose 40lbs/ get pregnant/ reverse your facial hair or grow back your hair in just one week, or 90 days.....can't do that. Nobody can. And you shouldn’t trust anyone who does.  

We all have different health backgrounds, underlying mchanisims that are contributing to our hormonal imbalance (PCOS) and commitment levels.  

As you now, I preach that there is no one size fits all approach for PCOS, and there is certainly no “one size fits all” results guarantee.  

Having said that, most of the women I've worked with report feeling better and seeing positive changes in as little as 2 weeks (listen to Brenda, Steph and Clare's video testimonials). However, depending on the severity of your symptoms and underlying mechanisms, it can take up to a few months to really reverse your PCOS symptoms.  

The other reasons that I can't guarantee results is that a lot of this is down to YOU! I can give you all the advice inthe world, but you need to implement it. And that's what's made Clare Steph and Brenda so successful; they've taken the advice and implemented it. 

"How much time a week will I need?"

You'll need an hour a week to set aside to review the video modules and implement the task for the week.  

But don't worry, you have lifetime access to The PCOS Protocol materials so it doesn't matter if you're away one week and fall behind, it will be ther when you get back. 

You'll also need to set aside 15 minutes 3 x week minimum for exercise and 30 mins a day for cooking. Can you manage that to improve your health? I think we all can- we all have the same 24 hours in a day, it's what we chose to prioritise that makes the difference 

"Do I need a computer or can I access this from my mobile?"

Yes you can access this from anywhere! So long as you have a web browser you can access this from any device you like!

"I'm vegetarian/ vegan is this program suitable for me?"

Yes, absolutely. I put a lot of the focus in the program into you understanding your body and educating you about diet so that you can create your own meal plans and adapt recipes to suit your dietary choices. My philosophy is along the lines of “teach a woman to fish”- if I give you the tools then you can make any situation work, whereas if I just give you a stict diet plan to follow, then it wouldn't be sustainable.

So what's stopping you? 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been struggling with your symptoms for while long time now, trying to figure everything out on your own and nothing’s worked.  

So don’t keep struggling along on your own. Let me help you and improve your health over the long term. 

Take a leap of faith like Brenda, Clare, Liel and Stephanie all have, and see for yourself the results you can achieve. 

Starting January 6, 2018