6 Month 1:1 'Intensive' 

Unfortunately I am not taking on any new clients for the '6 Month 1:1 Intensive' as I'm fully booked 

However, if you are looking for some help to get started on reversing your PCOS, you can book a one-off consultation in the 'Private consultation' tab 


But you're not sure how to get there?

Do you feel like you're doing everything right? You’re eating well and exercising Have tried every diet out there But the scales keep climbing, and your period is nowhere to be seen (and not for the right reasons)?  

Are you also feeling completely overwhelmed by all the information on PCOS? You’ve read about all the different types of PCOS and the diet recommendations, But you can't quite put it all toether and you’re sick of guessing Your tests have all returned ‘normal’ and now you don’t know where you fit Do you just want someone to give you a solution?  

 This exactly how I felt when I was struggling with my PCOS.


I’ve also suffered from the horrible PCOS symptoms. 

I know what it’s like to be eating like a squirrel and exercising like a husky and still see the scales climbing. 

I know what it’s like to feel like you have absolutely no control of your body.  

I also know what it’s like to want to talk to someone who is actually an expert in PCOS 

And for them to tell me what I needed to do.

I went from doctor to gynaecologist, to endocrinologist 

But none of them could help me.  

“It’s pretty simple Clare” they told me 

"You just need to exercise more and eat less."

But that couldn't have been further from the truth






From working with dozens of women helping them reverse their PCOS (and my own), I know the formula that works But I also know that this is not a short term fix It takes at least 6-12 months and requires you to make many changes Not just what you eat, but also the way you exercise, sleep, de-stress and reduce your exposure to toxins. But if I tell you to make all these changes in month one, you are going to be overwhelmed, disheartened and probably not achieve any of them So instead I’ve created a private 6 month program to ensure that you have the best chance of reversing your PCOS This breaks down the changes into manageable chunks and Keeps you accountable with monthly consultations. 



  • 60 Minute Initial Consulation  

In the consult, conducted over Skype, I explain to you what's likely causing your PCOS based on any blood work you have and the questionnares you've completed.  

I assess your current blood tests and symptoms, diet, exercise, stress management and environmental toxins to understand your cause. 

  • Your Individual Formula

Once I've assessed your bloods and questionnaires, you then get a personalised plan to follow. This inlcudes a meal plan, recipes, exercise plan, supplements and anying else that you need to do to reverse your PCOS

  • Meal Plan and Recipes

Want to just be told exactly what to eat? I’ve got you sorted. You’ll get a 2 week meal plan and shopping list that you can follow. You’ll also get a recipe guide with recipes so that you can start to build your own meal plans with meals that you love.  

I love quick, tasty and simple food, so all my recipes have been developed with food you can find at the supermarket, that’s quick to prepare and most importantly delicious.

  • Exercise and Lifestyle Plan

Exercise is an important part of reversing PCOS. Done right, exercise helps you lose weight, improve your insulin sensitivity, manage stress and reverse your PCOS. But most women I meet are doing the wrong type or amount of exercise.  

I’ll give you an exercise plan (based on your current fitness level), to help you reach your goals of reversing your PCOS.

  • 5 Monthly 30 Minute Consultations

Each month you have a 30 minute Skype consultation. In this meeting, I keep you accountable to your goals and update your treatment plan to ensure you continue to get results.  

Reversing your PCOS will require you to make many changes, so if I gave you all of these in the first consultation, you'd be overwhelmed and unlikely to achieve any of them. Experience has shown me that by making small changes every month, you are much more likely to be successful. 

  • Weekly Video and MP4 Training

Each week you'll recieve your video training module with tips and tricks to answer all your questions, from how to beat your cravings, dining out, maintaining a good diet when tavelling and on holiday, making your own probiotics and much more.

  • Private Blood Tests (optional)  

If necessary, I can also order any private tests (UK and NZ patients only) at additional cost, to rule out hidden or undiagnosed issues causing your PCOS (gut infections, hypothyroidism, insulin resistance etc).



Before our session, you will receive your patient questionnaires, which will cover: 

  • A full body metabolic assessment. This covers the symptoms of all your body systems to make sure I’m treating your PCOS holistically
  • Dietary questionnaire, so I can see where you’re at now
  • Exercise questionnaire so I know what you’re doing now.
  • Whole person questionnaire so that I can understand your goals and motivations and work with those

This information ensures that the time in our session is talking about what you need to do, rather than me asking you questions.  


This one hour 1:1 private intensive will be hosted via video conference so we can connect face to face. 

If I need to clarify anything from your intake forms I will do so in the first 15 minutes, and then we will spend the remaining 45 minutes talking about what’s happening in your body and your treatment plan.  


Within 3 days of the initial consult you will receive:

  • An explanation of your treatment plan
  • A week meal plan
  • Cheat sheets with a full list of foods that are to be removed, (where necessary)  
  • A weekly exercise plan to follow and
  • Any supplements that I would recommend.


You will get 5, montly 30 minute video calls to coach you through any roadblocks and keep adjusting your diet, exercise and supplement plans so that you keep getting results.  



As a degree qualified nutritionist and exercise scientist, I thought that I should be able to fix my weight issue. So you can imagine my horror when graduating, with my degrees and being overweight, it was MORTIFYING.  

When I found out that the reason for the weight gain (and the lack of periods and acne), were due to PCOS, I was initially relieved. I finally had an answer and it wasn’t my fault.  

This relief was quickly turned to despair, when my doctor told me to go away and lose weight. I’d been trying that for the last decade! I was already exercising a crazy amount and living off 1200 calories a day. I thought that there must be a secret.  

After a few initial false starts trying every diet out there, thinking they might contain the secret, I finally found the answer. I found a group of functional medicine experts talking about curing chronic health conditions like Diabetes, Obesity and PCOS by treating the root cause of the illness, not the symptoms.  

Absolute genius.  

I set about learning everything I could about the potential underlying causes of PCOS. I enrolled in functional medicine training (through the Kresser Institute) and studied endocrinology, the science of hormones, gut health, mindfulness and meditation. It blew my mind what I was learning- I had been trying to treat the symptom (weight gain) all along, rather than the underlying cause of PCOS which is inflammation.  

While I thought I was doing the right thing, reducing calories, eating a low GI diet and exercising every day, this was actually making me sicker. A lot sicker.  

As a result I was able to reverse my own PCOS. Within a matter of months I got back down to 60kg, I reversed my insulin resistance, my acne cleared up, my periods and ovulation returned like clockwork, and I no longer suffered from extreme fatigue.


I know it might seem impossible right now, but you too can reverse your PCOS symptoms. The secret is really all in understanding what your root cause is, and treating that.  

Once you know that, then reversing your PCOS symptoms is actually pretty easy.  

One of the hardest parts of reversing PCOS is not knowing what to do. Unfortunately the medical world isn’t very good at helping you because there isn’t a pill or surgery that can fix the root cause of your PCOS. So you’re left trying to work it out yourself and jumping between diets and supplements to find the miracle solution.  

But once you find out what’s causing your PCOS and have a plan to follow, the weight drops off and the periods return quite normally.  


For me, reversing my PCOS meant:

  • Not waking up every Monday thinking that this was the week I was going to stick to the diet and finally lose the weight
  • Going shopping and loving how I look in everything
  • No longer worrying that I was going to have to save for IVF as I now ovulate like clockwork.
  • Not having to carry makeup wherever I went, to cover the spots every few hours
  • Having the energy to go hiking or biking, and not having to go home every night after work and sleep 
  • Being free from the constant anxiety
  • Not getting sick every two weeks
  • No more of the all consuming, can’t think of anything else, mid afternoon and after dinner sugar cravings.
  • No longer feeling self conscious at the beach, pool or gym  

In short I finally feel free and that PCOS isn’t holding me back from living a full and happy life.


  • You’re motivated to reverse your PCOS and have a goal that you’re trying to achieve, whether that’s getting pregnant, losing weight or generally just reversing all your symptoms
  • You want long term change to reverse your PCOS, not just a quick fix
  • You’re confused about all the information about PCOS or what’s causing your PCOS
  • Or you’ve read everything, but you just want someone to tell you exactly what to do
  • You’re open to changing the way that you eat and exercise
  • You’re prepared to invest the time to planning meals, cooking, exercising and managing your stress and sleep
  • You know the benefit of investing in yourself and you want to align yourself with the support needed to reach your goals. 

If you nodded your head at any of those then you're in the right place


  • You want a quick fix
  • You’re not prepared to change the way you eat or exercise
  • You’re not prepared to invest time into making the changes you need to reverse your PCOS
  • You want to count calories for the rest of your life


One time payment

Program closed  


Firstly, don’t listen to that voice in your head. Your health and the health of your future children, depends on you taking control of your PCOS, especially if you have insulin resistance.  

Secondly, let’s look at the numbers:  

Statistcs say that the average woman (yes, that’s you and I), spends:  

  • Between $1800- $4800 per year on clothing (a lot of which she probably doesn’t wear).
  • $2921 per year on eating out and takeaways
  • A whopping $2571 per year on hair and makeup
  • And for the PCOS woman, probably hundreds of dollars on supplements that may not help  

While they might all feel like essential purchases at the time, is that new dress and heels for your friend's wedding (that you’ll wear once), really more ‘essential’ than fixing your health? 

This year, instead of that new Dior perfume, platform heels, weekly uber eats, and MAC eye palate that you really don’t need, invest in finally reversing your PCOS.


For years I have been told on and off that I do or don't have PCOS but to lose weight and it'll all get better. I come from a family of obese people and so the idea of just losing weight has never really worked. I'd tried every diet out there.

Then in January, my PCOS was formally diagnosed and I just burst into tears. I was given no help on how to manage it, again - just told to lose weight and come back. I felt so failed by my doctors. I'd even been to a surgeon to talk about surgery.  

When I met Clare I was at my wits end, and so her first words of - it's not your fault - sent a huge wave of relief to me. I was nervous embarking on the plan but to know the root causes of my PCOS made a world of difference. 

The weight started to fall of, I lost 20 lbs in the first 8 weeks (and it just keeps falling off), my anxiety resolved and I have even had a period!

But more importany I now have the strength to get through this and the knowledge to manage my own condition. That's invaluable!  

The plans are great. The level of detail in them makes it easy to get started. The tailoring of it to my own personal needs is also a real positive. I feel like I'm being given a 1:1 lifestyle guru and can be a little bit selfish in managing my own health.  

Clare is there for you each step of the way. There is no question she can't answer - no matter how embarrassing you may think it is. To have that level of support means you can just do anything, no matter how many times you might crave sugar or just want a sandwich  

The words life changing are cliche, but in this case 100% true. Thank you Clare for giving me that.

 - Clare A, United Kingdom

“We’d been trying to conceive for 9 months and I was feeling completely hopeless. My fertility specialist had just told me there was nothing they could do for me and sent me away with a generic pamphlet on managing PCOS with a low GI diet and the birth control pill!  

I had no idea what to do next. I felt like I’d already tried everything out there.  

That’s when I met Clare. She took one look at my blood tests and saw immediately that my blood glucose wasn’t optimal, even though it was well within the ‘normal’ range. I was really sceptical about the changes Clare suggested. I’m perfect weight, always exercised and already thought that I ate ‘healthy’.  

However 60 days in and I couldn’t be more of a convert. My cycles have reduced from 70 plus days, to 34 days! With no help from a gynaecologist, just implementing the steps in Clare’s plan.  

But there are also so many other improvements that I never expected: I have more energy, a clear face, and I don’t feel tired all the time.  

I know it sounds very cliche, but I’m sure that if Clare’s guidance can work for me, it can work for anyone, no matter how hopeless you're feeling.  

I can’t wait for what the next 60 days will bring.” 

- Patient T- New Zealand

I was really struggling with my PCOS and IBS. I had had enough with feeling crap and needed someone to just say ‘Right, here’s what you need to do to start to get better' and guide me through it all as I was literally clutching at straws with my health. That’s when I found Clare.  

After the first few initial emails, Clare sent me over all of her patient questionnaires prior to our first consultation. 

It was actually really interesting as I thought I knew a lot about nutritional medicine and PCOS. Turns out I was only touching the edge, I was excited to have the consultation and discuss it all!  

After the consultation Clare analysed my answers and sent me over a full treatment plan. This included tests I would need to do to get answers about my health, tests to request from my GP and a gut healing protocol with full procedure instructions. It was awesome to finally have someone who wanted to see me recover as much as I did.  

I now have the answers about what’s going on with my body and know exactly what I am dealing with. I know what I need to do to reverse my PCOS.  

Clare is an extremely professional, personable and knowledgable practitioner. The information she gives me whenever I chat to her is phenomenal. She is the first to know about any new research or updates from the women’s health and functional medicine world. I trust her fully to support me and she’s always there for me when I need questions answered.  

Clare has become a real asset to my life and continues to bring positivity to my life, especially the thought that I am fully capable of healing, which I couldn’t visualise at all before

- Emily, United Kingdom